How to Check the System Files Using SFC Offline in Windows - Free Online Tutorial

The sfc /scannow (SFC -> System File Checker) command is a well known way to do an integrity check of all System Files of Windows. It can be helpful in many cases and fix various issues with Windows.

However, in some cases, if you are unable to boot into Windows, then you may use this method to run the System File Checker. All you need  Windows Installation DVD whic you have used to setup your OS.

Here is how to perform the offline scan with the SFC command.

First Goto your BIOS Setup and make your CD/DVD Drive your First Boot Drive.

Insert your bootable media and boot your PC from USB.

When the "Windows Setup" screen appears, click Repair Your Computer.
Then find a way to open the command prompt (or Press Shift F10)


In command prompt,  type notepad and press Enter. Do not close the command prompt window.


When Notepad opens, click on File menu and select Open. Click "This PC" and find the drive letters of System Reserved partition and OS Installed Partition. In My Case, it is C & D Respectively.

Now type the following command in the command prompt:

sfc /scannow /offbootdir=C:\ /offwindir=D:\Windows and hit Enter

Note that offbootdir is the drive the letter of your "System Reserved" partition and offwindir  is the drive the letter of your unbootable Windows Installed Partition.

That's all. Now let the SFC tool to perform the offline check and fix system files. It will take some time to complete.


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