How to Resize / Split OS Partition using Hiren's Boot CD - Free Online Tutorial

Most of us have issues with the size of C: Drive after using our system for a long period. In some cases, we us a smaller size C: Drive and after installing many software's and games, we will have very small amount of space left on the C: Drive. In this condition, we may think to increase the size of C: Drive by adding some free space from other partitions. But, unfortunately this option is not available in the operating system. So, we need a third party software to do this.

In some other cases, we use only single partition with the full size of the hard disk which we use for both OS and personnel files which we got from the manufacturer like this. Most of them are not considering to split the partition and using it as is. But, if we encounter an issue with the OS and if we need to format the system, we will lose all of the personnel data also while formatting. So, to keep our personnel files and to format the OS alone, we need a third party software.

So, we are going to use Hiren's Boot CD which can run on our System independently from the CD without the need of an Operating System. This CD has an inbuilt OS called Mini Windows which will boot from CD and can run on any hardware. So, to do this, get Hiren's Boot CD from the Dowloads Section and insert it, then boot from it.


Now select Mini Windows XP or Mini Windows 7 to boot from. Then find HBCD Menu from the Desktop or Taskbar Tray and open it. In HBCD Menu, click Programs, find the section Partition / Boot / MBR and open Partition Wizard.


On Partition Wizard, you will find all your Hard Disks and Partitions listed. Find the C: Drive which you want to resize, right click on it, then click Move/Resize. Then a dialog box will open prompting you to resize the drive by just dragging the edge of the partition. You can resize it in both ways, from the front or from the back which will create an unpartitioned space on before or beside the partition you have resized respectively. Then click OK.

Then you will find an unallocated space on your disk. If you want to create a new partition on the unallocated space, just right click on it and select Create, and enter the size of the partition, if you want to occupy all the space left, just leave the size as is, and click OK.

Still all the changes you did is not applied on your disk unless you click Apply button. So, click Apply now to apply all the changes on your disk. This may take some time depending on the size of the partition being resized and the size of the data on the partition. So be patient and let it do the work for you...


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