Password Recovery / Forgot Windows Login Password - Free Online Tutorial

If you have lost / forgot / corrupt your windows login password, here is an easy way to recover it back without the need to format your PC or losing your personnel files. This method uses a boot CD called Hiren's Boot CD, this CD boots from your PC and runs independently without the need of your OS. So, it can run from the CD itself and it can do all the operations on your system.

You can also backup your files by booting into an Operating System called mini Windows XP or Mini Windows 7. From there you can go to My Computer and you can Copy / Move and Delete your files from there.

From the Mini Windows XP/7 you can open and run lots of Software tools from the CD which also runs independent from your Operating System. So, here we are going to open a kind of tool which will delete your Windows Login Password.

So, open HBCD Menu and open Programs, find the category Passwords / Keys there, then find the category Windows Login from there, there you will find a software called NTPWEdit, and just open it.

Open My Computer and check the drive letter of the partition which contains OS files. The drive letter may vary on Mini Windows as compare to your actual OS. So, make sure that you are using the drive letter which shown in Mini Windows.

Now go to the Path to SAM file section and just change the drive letter alone with the one you saw on the My Computer. If it is C: just leave as is. Then click (Re)open Button. Now it will show you the list of users on the PC.

Just Select the user account for which you want to change or delete the password and click Change Password Button. Now leave the passwords blank and click OK. Please don't try to type any password here to set it. It may have some negative impact on your OS. Just leave the passwords blank so that you can change it for your OS itself. Now click Save Changes and it's done...


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